Friday, August 8, 2008

The ladies have spoken and they want $300 jeans that actually fit!

Beth Newell has come up with a pretty rad new concept for everyones favorite pro cycling team and haven for busted (and soon to be busted dopers: Rock Racing. Her posts about this are here: As a jeans company that markets specifically to cyclists, it makes perfect sense that they'd create jeans for the specific needs of certain body types common among cyclists; namely the strong and sizeable quads that come from repeatedly unleashing a raw and powerful sprint (not that I fit into this demographic, since my hat size is a full 8cm greater than my quad measurement; but I digress...).

Beth has found that the email "" seems to work, and it presumably belongs to either Michel Ball himself or Michael Creed, one of the teams riders. Either way, it's possible that emails sent to this address could eventually end up in front of the Ballmaster himself, so I went ahead and shot him an email of my own:

"I, for one, am a fan of ladies track racing and women's cycling in general and I think as a major player in the cycling world I think you'd be wise to address the needs of cyclists as customers- You would be making a real statement by introducing the "keirin cut" to your line and give a stylish option to athletic women everywhere.

There seems to be a bit of a disconnect between your jean models and real life women cyclists. There's nothing wrong with making jeans for unrealistic body types, but take a look around when you're at a pro crit or at the track: the demographic that's most exposed to your primary marketing often times can't even fit into your product!

Here's your chance to walk the walk: cyclists everywhere have heard of your company, now's the time to give them what they want!

Sincerely -josh snead"

So if you feel like sending off an email to either Michael Ball or Michael Creed- go for it! It's pretty fun and who knows, maybe they'll start making pants that people can actually wear!


Beth said...

thanks josh! you're a real advocate!

twinkiepatissier said...

8cm...precious data.

liquidwrench said...

Yeah, I know- I'm top heavy. That's what a thick skull will get you.